• Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019

    Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019

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  • Работно време и цени - Сезон 2018

    Работно време и цени - Сезон 2018

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Accuracy Championship 2019

21 Sep

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Bulgarian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship 2019

11 -13 October 2019

These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with General Section and Section 7C of the FAI Sporting 

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the event is to provide safe, fair and satisfying contest flying in order to determinate Individual and Team Winners, and to reinforce friendship amongst pilots and nations.

  1. General organization

Sport club SHAMBHALA

4300 Bulgaria, Sopot, Vasil Levski 5

Contact: Valery Tzvetanov

Tel.: +359899914801

E-mail: freefever@abv.bg

Web site: www.lift-sopot.com

  1. Officials and Staff

Meet Director : Alexandra Emilova

Launch Marshall : Hristo Slivkov

Safety Director : Hristo Slivkov

Chief Judge : Jane Markoski (Macedonia)

Event Judge : Tzvetan Tzvetanov

Judge : Hristo Ivanov

  1. Event Schedule

11 October 2019 – Training day and registration

                       9:00 – 17:00 – Training flights/Registration

12 October 2019 – Competition day

                       8:00 – 8:30 – Deadline for registration/ Briefing/Transportation to TO

                       9:00 – 18:00 – Contest flights

13 October 2019 – Competition day

                        9:00 – 16:00 – Contest flights

                        17:30 – Prize giving and closing ceremony

Any modifications or changes will be announced in time by the organizers on the General Information Board at the Headquarters, or by the Meet Director at the Briefings.

5.Flying Site

• Take-off: Sopot, 1450 m ASL. (N 42.687330°, E 24.749962°) Wind direction: S, SE, SW, E
• Landing: Grass field, near lift station, 570 m ASL. (N 42.664133°, E 24.748157°)

Additional flying site: Dubene training hill, 410 m ASL (N 42.602389, E 24.779206)

  1. Entry

During the registration participants must complete the entry form and provide following documents: evidence of competitor ID and nationality, valid FAI sporting license, proof of insurance. Registration fee is 35 Euro. Each pilot must have certified paraglider, harness, helmet and reserve. Changing glider is not allowed without consulting with Meet Director. The organizer will provide numbers for each pilot, who must be displayed on the helmet.

  1. Number of Rounds

There will be a maximum of 8 full rounds completed within the time available. A minimum of two rounds must be completed to validate the competition. When the final (8) round of the competition is called, pilots should launch in reverse order of their current competition position, if there is enough available time. If there is not enough time to prepare the order and organize the transportation of the pilots to the TO, the competition will continued without reverse order.

  1. Take off and flying order

To determinate launch order all pilots will be entered in a draw. The pilots, who will not be present at the official drawing, will receive order numbers by the organizers.

Competition will be hill launch take off.Competitors must have good nil wind as well as strong wind takeoff skills. At the Launch Marshal discretion, a pilot may be temporarily stood down or permanently withdrawn from the competition if he/she appears unable to launch safely in wind and weather conditions that fall within operating limits. Competitors not ready to fly in the established flying order when called forward to launch by the Launch Marshall, or who take off without the Launch Marshall’s permission, will be liable to a maximum score.

Pilots should land approximately in the same order as take off and during the flight observe the rest of competitors in front.

A pilot who did not fly will be indicated as DNF in the results for that round and a maximum score will be recorded.

The maximum wind speed for safe flying during this competition is 6 m/s.

  1. Final approach and landing

Competitors should be afforded a fair attempt at a target landing. The competitor is deemed to have started the final approach when, having turned to face the target, the Event Judge considers he/she has made a final commitment to making an approach to the target and is not expecting to have to make any significant changes of direction.

Competitors will be scored according to the distance in centimetres between the first point of ground contact and the edge of the dead centre disc. The radius of dead center is 2 sm. An electronic pad will measure the score from 0 to 16 sm.
The Measuring Field will have clearly marked circles set at 0.5 m, 2.5 m and 5 m.
The maximum result will be 5 m.
Landing must be made on the feet. Falling is not allowed and a maximum score will be recorded, if the competitor falls.
Falling is defined as: any other part of the body or flying equipment (including any part of the harness, but excluding speed bar or foot strap) touches the ground before the feet do, or before the wing touches the ground.
If a competitor lands with both feet together and the first point of contact cannot be determined, then the furthest point of the footprint is measured.


  1. Signals for Landing Accuracy

The official signal for pilots in the air to fly away from the target for safety reasons will be the waving of a red signal flag by event judge in the measuring field or by an order from the radio.Competitors will be permitted to re launch if the signal waved because of two pilots approach target in the same time.

  1. Scoring

Individual scores shall be an aggregate of all scores achieved by that competitor. When five or more valid rounds are completed, the worst score is dropped. The winner shall be the pilot gaining the lowest aggregate score across all the rounds flown in the Competition. If two or more competitors have the same score, to determinate the overall ranking will be count the dropped score.

As soon as is practical at the end of the round, the recorder will post the scores on the main notice board. These will be marked Provisional, with the posting time and date clearly visible. Any complaint against the Provisional scores must be lodged within 2 hours of the scores being posted. After last round protest for provisional scores must be lodged within one hour.

  1. Teams

Each team consists of maximum four pilots and score for each round will be calculated as the aggregate score of the best 3 pilots. If any team has less than three competitors, then a maximum score will be awarded to the team for each round for each of the scores for which there is no competitor. There is no dropping of the worst score in team scoring.

As soon as is practical at the end of the round, the recorder will post the scores on the main notice board. These will be marked Provisional, with the posting time and date clearly visible. Any complaint against the Provisional scores must be lodged within 2 hours of the scores being posted. After last round protest for provisional scores must be lodged within one hour.

  1. Judjing

The Chief Judge and Event Judge will be qualified persons appointed by the championship organizer. They will have experience of judging at international Paragliding Accuracy competitions and at least one will be a current paragliding accuracy pilot. In addition there will be three (3) further suitably qualified members of the judging team and one recorder.

  1. Complaints and ProtestsComplaints and Protests will be dealt with according to the procedures in FAI Sporting Code Section 7C and FAI General Section. The time limit for protest is 2 hour after notification of the result of the complaint. The protest fee is 50 Euro. It will be returned if the protest is upheld.


On behalf of organization team we wish you the best of luck in the competition, safe landings and a nice stay in Bulgaria at this special event.

Световна Купа по Парапланеризъм - Целно Кацане - Ден 1

20 Nov

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Премина първият ден на Световната Купа по Парапланеризъм – Целно кацане – Сопот, 2015. Сред регистрираните 52-ма състезатели от 12 държави е елита на световната купа – 8 пилоти от челната десятка с световната ранг листа са на състезанието в Сопот.

Днес бяха тренировките, а в следващите два дни ще продължат състезателните полети към мишената разположена на стадион “Металик”.

21-23.Ноември.2014 - V-ти кръг от Българска национална лига по парапланеризъм – целно кацане Пред-Световна Купа

3 Nov

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Спортен клуб „Шамбала” ще организира V кръг от Националната лига по парапланеризъм в дисциплината „Целно кацане” от 21 до 23 Ноември 2014 год. Състезанието е включено календара на FAI (Международната Федерация по Въздушни Спортове) и носи точки за Световната ранг-листа.


21.11.2014 Петък

до 18:00 Пристигане, настаняване, неофициални свободни тренировки
18:30 – 20:00 Регистрация на пилотите – долна станция на лифт Сопот

22.11.2014 Събота

08:00 – 08:15 Откриване, краен срок за регистрация
08:15 – 08:30 Брифинг, теглене на стартовите номера
08:30 – 18:00 Състезателни полети
19:00 Награждаване и закриване на състезанието, парти

23.11.2014 Неделя

Резервен състезателен ден


Състезанието по Парапланеризъм – целно кацане „Сопот Оупън 2014” е отворено за всички пилоти, които имат нужните умения за безопасно излитане и кацане. При регистрацията всеки пилот трябва да попълни заявка за участие и декларация. Таксата за участие е в размер на 40 лева. Максимален брой участници 50, като преимущество ще имат пилотите с предходен опит в състезания по целно кацане.


Класиралите се на призови места състезатели ще получат парични и предметни награди, които ще бъдат обявени по време на официалното откриване на състезанието. Планираният награден фонд е следният:

  • 1 място в Общото класиране: 300 лева
  • 2 място в Общото класиране: 200 лева
  • 3 място в Общото класиране: 100 лева
  • 1 място в Женското класиране: 100 лева (Наградата ще бъде връчена при наличие на минимум 4 участнички).


Short info in English

“Shambhala” sport club will host the 5th Round of Bulgarian Paragliding Accuracy league from 21 to 23 November 2014. The competition is FAI sanctioned, and at the same time is Paragliding Accuracy World Cup test event.

Competition program:
21.11.2014 – Training day and registration
22.11.2014 – Competition day
8:30 – Registration deadline, briefing
9:00 – 18:00 – Competition flights
19:00 – Dinner and closing ceremony
23.11.2014 – Reserve competition day
Competition Fee: 40 BGN (20 EUR)
Winner prizes:
Individual 1 Place: 300 BGN + Cup
Individual 2 Place: 200 BGN
Individual 3 Place: 100 BGN
Woman 1 Place: 100 BGN (if more than 3 female pilots take part)
There will be also prizes from our sponsors.